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Paid indie horror video game

Pacify is a paid survival video game that you can play in either single or multiplayer mode with three missions available to play. Each version has similar gameplay with separate paranormal entities and settings. The common goal in all the games is to pacify the monsters with various items that change for each release.

Granny and Roblox Piggy are additional horror gaming titles that where you get chased. However, you cannot tame the ghosts in Granny and Piggy like you can in Pacify. You get more time to make a game plan in Pacify than you do in Granny and Piggy.

How scary is Pacify?

Pacify is a popular game for gamers to make YouTube videos that often show you how scary Pacify is. Since Pacify has three storylines, each of the characters gives you a varying degree of surprise.

The original Pacify story is of a younger girl named Emilia who became possessed by evil entities. The scenery is based in a funeral home where the owners use the girl as a medium between the spirit realm and the physical world. Each version of Pacify gives you a little under five minutes to set yourself up for success.

Emilia begins the game calmly. You can even safely walk past her during the first four and a half minutes of the game. Unmarked dolls pacify her soul. The goal of the original Pacify game is to burn the marked dolls that were used during the paranormal sessions between the owners and customers.

Since Emilia is possessed, the entities get upset when the marked dolls are ruined in the fireplace. You will need to be on the lookout after the first four and a half minutes are finished. Since a regular doll can save your life, you can keep an unmarked doll in your inventory to give to the girl when she comes after you.

While the regular doll acts as a pacifier to calm her for a limited period, the time period decreases as the game progresses. You can only keep one marked or unmarked doll in your storage at a time while you travel around the haunted house.

Storyplot of Pacify?

Each Pacify mission has similar gameplay in which you will need to gather resources to escape the scenarios while making peace with the monsters. Your role in the game is as an employee at Paranormal Activity Helpers Inc (PAH Inc.).

PAH Inc. is hired by a real estate agency to check the haunted properties. Your goal is to capture the entities for the paranormal hunting company that wants the monsters back. 

Additionally, there are alternate endings available to test out. You can explore the lores for each Pacify update during the gameplay.

Other Pacify versions

The second and third versions of Pacify include unfortunate animated animal cruelty

Farm is the second release of Pacify that is set on an eerie free-range chicken farm. The goal of Farm is to knock out and poison chickens to feed to the creature called Karen. Since the monster gains health by eating live chickens, you can create a strategy to make sure the entity cannot eat chickens on its own. 

The third installment of Pacify is based in the woods with an evil being that is pacified by roses, called Agnes Rose. The Woods version features a larger environment than the first two releases.

Number of players determines difficulty

YouTube channels feature videos of multiple people playing Pacify in co-op mode. The single-player games are significantly more difficult since you will need to complete the same task as one person instead of multiple. Up to four people can play Pacify as a group and Player versus Player is available to play.

Is Pacify free to play?

While Pacify is not free to play, you can buy Pacify for a reasonable price that includes free updates that are exciting. New storylines are added with each newly released version. 

At the moment, Pacify is only available for Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows PC operating systems. The developer released a statement stating that he is aiming to make Pacify available for console systems.

Filled with surprises

Pacify is a thrilling PC game that you can play alone or with friends in a PvP or multiplayer mode of up to four people. Three installments are available to play in the Pacify gaming series that each include different characters to defeat, like Emilia, Karen, and Agnes Rose. Pacify includes alternative endings for each version that depends on your actions.

What’s new?

The developers release updates to Pacify on a relatively consistent basis. Since updates include entirely new themes to play, development stages can take a while. While development may take longer, the updates are still released consistently to the Pacify community.


  • Player versus Player is available
  • Cross-platform
  • Consistent updates
  • Dedicated developers
  • Single and multiplayer


  • Includes animal cruelty

Program available in other languages

Pacify for PC

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V varies-with-device
  • 4.5
  • (1627)
  • Security Status

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